28 October 2010

Açaí and diabetes - how do they go together?

Diabetes was not long ago primarily a 'disease' affecting a small portion of the mature population.  Yet today, it is becoming commonplace with all ages of adults and we are now seeing an alarming epidemic of diabetes in increasingly younger children.
In the US, 20.8 million people (7.85% of the population) have type II diabetes and another 50 million have pre-diabetes. More than half are not even aware that they have this condition that can rob them of some of the most enjoyable years of their life, if left unchecked.
Type II diabetes is very much a 'disease' we have given ourselves through diet.  While this October not be what many like to hear - it should ring as very good news indeed to anyone with diabetes concerns and the desire to reverse it naturally.  Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said ‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine Be Thy Food’.

Type II Diabetes is completely preventable and curable.

You can permanently remove the devastating consequences of diabetes by simple, inexpensive lifestyle adjustments that do not require costly medications or supplements.

One the next page, we will go into detail on the real causes and natural treatment strategies for type II diabetes.  However, our research lead us to two fantastic sources with a wealth of information that we want to first highlight and recommend you access to.  The resource is an absolute wealth of direct, practical information all wrapped into a highly usable and even entertaining format.  The group of global wellness expert teachers who contributed to the Food Matters movie ( recently released an entire online learning program on Diabetes that comes with the highest recommendation.
If diabetes is a concern for you, then here are some highlights of what you will learn from their highly focused Diabetes Online Learning Program:
  • The importance of Nutrition and Natural Therapies for treating Diabetes Naturally
  • Specific information on which foods, therapies and vitamin and mineral supplements can promote healing.
  • The true causes of Diabetes and how you can build your bodies own defenses naturally to live a long, healthy and abundant life.
  • How to start to reduce your insulin dosage and gradually eliminating the need for it entirely!
  • How to avoid the pain, suffering and unnecessary expenses by naturally addressing the root cause of your diabetes.
  • Why you’ve never been told about these options before and why most doctors don't advocate these safe and effective modalities
  • How to effectively detoxify and rebuild the body using nutrients with the added bonus of shedding those unwanted pounds.

    Açaí and diabetes - how do they go together?
    While diabetics are tOctht to approach excessive  fruit  intake  cautiously  -  with
    fruit juices being nearly avoided all together, for generally high sugar levels - it seems counter-intuitive that açaí is having a very positive impact on the lives of many diabetics.  Açaí is actually a low-gylcemic complete food that has been found to have a stabilizing effect on insulin and blood sugar levels.
    You will not find the actual açaí berry itself, outside of the Amazon region of Brazil.  It is a fruit that degrades very rapidly once harvested from its palm tree.  It must be processed within hours, by freeze-drying or other means to be preserved to ultimately be put into a product, such as a juice blend.  (See the feature story and science corner for more on this.)
    With so many açaí juice blends coming on the market, care must be taken, as many contain little acai and add sugar.  Most clarify the juice - removing the acai fiber and essential oils - the best parts and therefore slashing the potential benefits.

    Other fruits, combined with the açaí, have been found to synergistically further bring out the remarkable properties of the acai berry in our bodies.  Again, more details on these scientific findings can be found in this issue.
    What Dr. Perricone, Dr. Oz, Dr. Schauss, Dr. Pennington and so many other top wellness professionals today have marveled about this #1 superfood, açaí, is helping give the body the building blocks it need to get back into balance and heal itself.


21 October 2010

How to Be a Millionaire by Age 25

Wish you were as wealthy as this guy?

Mark Zuckerberg
Credit: Associated Press
He's Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, and his super-geek-to-billionaire story is the basis of the hit movie The Social Network. "Young people are just smarter," he told a Stanford University audience in 2007. He started Facebook from his Harvard dorm in 2004 as a sophomore. Now he's a 26-year-old philanthropist, recently donating $100 million to the Newark, N.J., school district.
Zuckerberg's youthful fame and fortune makes for a riveting tale. But across America every year, plenty of entrepreneurs make their first million under the age of 25, some in high school. It takes vision, smarts, determination and a little luck. Here are five of them, along with their advice for achieving prosperity.

Michael Dell
Age now: 45
Title/Company: Founder and CEO, Dell Computers
Made his first million by age: 19

Dell launched his computer company in 1984, just before dropping out of the University of Texas. By selling direct, Dell lowered prices and won over customers. At 24, the company had revenues of $258 million. At last check, his estimated net worth was $13.5 billion.
His advice for young entrepreneurs: "You've got to be passionate about it," he said in an interview with the Academy of Achievement.
"I think people that look for great ideas to make money aren't nearly as successful as those who say, 'Okay, what do I really love to do? What am I excited about?' "

Catherine Cook
Age now: 20
Title/Company: Founder,
Made her first million by age: 18

In 2005, Catherine and her brother founded the social-networking site, which functions like a digital yearbook with pictures, friends and virtual currency called "lunch money." Today, it boasts 20 million members and is one of the 25 most-trafficked Web sites in the U.S.
Her advice for young entrepreneurs: "Stop just thinking about it, and make it happen.
When you're young is the best time to start your own business, as you do not have the responsibilities you will have when you're older. The worst that can happen if you fail now is that you have firsthand experience to make your next venture a success."

Sean Belnick
Age now: 23
Title/Company: Founder,
Made his first million by age: 16

Belnick's been selling business furnishings online for nearly a decade now, but the recent B.A. graduate of Emory University's Goizueta School of Business still saw value in a college education.
His advice for young entrepreneurs: "It is never too early to start. I started when I was 14.There was a lot of great information on the Internet. Just do the research and find a way to do what you want to do."

Juliette Brindak
Age now: 21
Title/Company: Cofounder/CEO,
Made her first million by age: 19 (Brindak won't divulge when she earned her first million, but says that her company was valued at $15 million when she was 19)

At 10, Brindak started drawing the "cool girls" cartoon figures who became stars in 2005 of her online community for tween girls. Today, she is seeking investors and preparing to take the site public as she attends Washington University in St. Louis.
Her advice for young entrepreneurs:: Find a solid support team who believe in your idea. "If someone starts to doubt your company and what you're doing, you need to get rid of them."

Matt Mickiewicz
Age now: 27
Title/Companies: Founder, Sitepoint, 99 Designs and Flippa
Made his first million by age: 22

Mickiewicz, who launched his first company in 1998, points out that the Internet enables immediate customer feedback, making it relatively inexpensive to test and launch new ideas.
His advice for young entrepreneurs: "People who say it takes money to make money are using the worst excuse ever. . . Create massive value for others by providing a solution where no other exists."

So what about you, think positively, 
Are you ready to start your own business?
Do you have much money to invest?
Do you ready to take risks?

The combination of network marketing + e-commerce are the simplest way to speed up your vision to become a millionaire in a shortest time.

01 October 2010

Anda Adalah Apa Yang Anda Makan

Agaknya sudah beribu kali anda mendengar atau membaca ungkapan ini, "Anda adalah apa yang anda makan". Oleh itu memilihlah bila makan. Kearifan orang dahulu tentang permakanan kini disahkan oleh kajian sains. Setiap makanan berkhasiat mempunyai corak menyerupai organ tubuh atau fungsi fisiologikal yang menggambarkan faedah makanan tersebut kepada seseorang yang memakannya.

Berikut beberapa contoh apa yang dimaksudkan:

Karot yang dihiris kelihatan seperti mata manusia. Pupil, iris dan garisan jejari seakan-akan mata manusia. YA, sains telah membuktikan karot membantu pengaliran darah ke dan dari mata serta fungsinya.

Tomato mempunyai empat ruang dan berwarna merah. Jantung kita berwarna dan mempunyai 4 ruang. Kajian-kajian yang dijalankan menunjukkan tomato adalah makanan untuk jantung dan darah.

Anggur tergantung dalam kelompok yang mempunyai bentuk seperti jantung. Setiap biji anggur kelihatan seperti sel darah. Kajian-kajian yang dijalankan dewasa ini menunjukkan anggur adalah makanan yang memberi tenaga kepada jantung dan darah.

kacang walnutKacang walnut kelihatan seperti otak, ada hemisfera kanan dan kiri, sereberum atas dan sereberum bawah, neo-kortek pun ada juga. Kini kita telah tahu bahawa kacang walnut membantu mengeluarkan 3 dozen neurotransmiter untuk fungsi otak.

kacang bunus
Kacang bunus membantu menyembuh dan memelihara fungi buah pinggang. Ya kacang bunus nampak betul-betul seperti buah pinggang manusia.

sayur saderiSayur saderi, bok choy, rubarb dan banyak lagi kelihatan seperti tulang. Sayur-sayuran ini adalah untuk kekuatan tulang. Tulang mengandungi 23% sodium, begitu juga dengan sayur-sayuran ini, 23% sodium. Sekiranya permakanan anda tidak mempunyai cukup sodium, tubuh anda akan mengambilnya dari tulang dan membuatnya menjadi tidak kuat.

avokadoBuah terung, avokado, pear baik untuk kesihatan serta fungsi rahim dan serviks wanita. Bentuk buah-buahan tadi kelihatan seperti organ tersebut. Kajian terkini menunjukkan apabila seseorang wanita memakan sebiji avokado setiap minggu, hormonnya seimbang, membuang berat kelahiran yang tidak diperlukan dan menghindari kanser serviks. Adakah fakta ini berkebetulan? Pokok avokado mengeluarkan buah masak dalam tempoh sembilan bulan selepas ia berbunga.

buaharaBuah ara mempunyai biji yang banyak dan bergantungan di pokok dua setangkai. Buah ara dapat meningkatkan motiliti sperma lelaki serta meningkatkan jumlahnya dan juga mengatasi masalah kemandulan lelaki. Agaknya ia menyerupai apa?

keledekKeledek menyerupai seperti pankreas dan ia sebenarnya dapat mengimbangkan indek glisemik pesakit kencing manis.

buah zaitunBuah zaitun pula baik untuk kesihatan dan dapat membantu fungsi ovari.

buah orenLimau grapefruit, oren dan buah-buahan sitrus kelihatan seperti kelenjar mamari wanita. Sebenarnya buah-buahan tersebut dapat membantu kesihatan payudara dan pergerakan keluar masuk limfa dari payudara.

bawang besarBawang besar kelihatan seperti sel tubuh. Kajian masa kini menunjukkan bawang besar dapat membantu membersihkan bahan sisa dari sel-sel tubuh. Ia juga boleh menyebabkan air mata yang membasuh lapisan epitelial mata.

Kesan Dari Radiasi Telefon Bimbit

Satu ujikaji radiasi telefon bimbit ke atas telor telah dijalankan. Bahan yang digunakan sebiji telur dan dua buah telefon bimbit. Persediaan adalah seperti gambar di bawah:

Panggilan di antara dua telefon diaktifkan untuk tempoh selama lebih kurang 65 minit. Hasilnya seperti berikut:

15 minit - tiada apa yang berlaku.
25 minit - telur mulai panas.
45 minit - telur telah panas.
65 minit - telur telah masak.

Gambar telur tersebut dipaparkan di bawah:

Rumusan: Radiasi dari telefon bimbit mampu untuk mengubah protein telur. Bayangkan apa yang ia dapat buat kepada protein otak anda apabila anda berbual untuk tempoh yang panjang menggunakan telefon bimbit.

Saya mengingatkan diri saya dan pembaca sekalian agar jangan berbual lama-lama melalui telefon bimbit.

Bagaimana dengan telefon bimbit yang disimpan di pinggang? Apakah ianya memberi kesan yang sama? Bagaimana pula dengan mereka yang menyimpan dua buah telefon, satu di kocek kanan dan satu di kocek kiri?

Mencegah Lebih Baik Dari Mengubati

Makanan adalah bahan asas untuk kehidupan dan kesihatan, namun begitu makanan juga punca kita mendapat penyakit. Kalau kita mempunyai tabiat makan yang buruk, kita sengaja mengundang penyakit.

Di zaman moden ini kita menghadapi cabaran kesihatan yang agak berat, susah untuk kita menjauhkan diri dari memakan makanan segera yang boleh membahayakan kesihatan kita. Makanan tersebut mengandungi bahan pengawet yang boleh menyebabkan penyakit seperti kanser. Kita juga selalu
makan di restoran makanan segera. Minyak yang digunakan untuk mengoreng diguna berulang-ulang kali, amalan ini sangat tidak baik untuk kesihatan.

Kita juga memakan daging dan ayam yang disuntik dengan hormon dan antibiotik. Hormon dan antibiotik ini akan berpindah ke badan kita. Bagaimana dengan sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan? Buah-buahan dipetik sebelum masak dan dirawat menggunakan gas dan radiasi. Sayuran-sayuran disembur dengan racun serangga. Bahan-bahan kimia ini tidak akan hilang walau pun kita membasuh buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran yang kita makan. Ini semua membahayakan kesihatan. Tidak hairanlah kalau di zaman ini ramai orang yang mengidap kanser dan lain-lain penyakit kronik.

Bagimana pula dengan air yang kita minum? Adakah ia benar-benar bersih? Kalau anda mengambil air dari paip air di dapur anda dan mengujinya, anda mungkin tidak sanggup meminumnya.

Untuk menjaga kesihatan, kita seharusnya menjauhkan diri dari perkara yang dinyatakan di atas. Kurangkan memakan makanan segera, makan daging atau ayam kampung, makan sayur-sayuran hidrofonik dan buah-buah tempatan seperti manggis, rambutan dsb (yang bebas dari gas & radiasi).

Menurut pakar pemakanan bertauliah, untuk perlindungan dari penyakit, kita perlu mengambil makanan kesihatan atau suplemen seperti  vitamin, mineral, serat dan asid amino. Vitamin A, C dan E kaya dengan antioksidan yang mampu menghapuskan "radikal bebas", ia-itu molekul tidak stabil yang terhasil dari proses dalam badan kita. Dalam tubuh kita terdapat beribu billion molekul yang membentuk sel, sel membentuk tisu, tisu membentuk organ. "Radikal bebas" merosakkan molekul, dan seterusnya sel akan rosak (termasuk sel sitem imun), selepas itu tisu dan lama kelamaan akan merosakkan organ kita.

Cegahlah penyakit sebelum terlambat.

Memahami Penyakit Barah

Barah terjadi hasil dari pertumbuhan dan percambahan sel tubuh, limpa dan darah yang tidak terkawal. Ia sangat merbahaya bukan kerana ia boleh menjangkiti orang lain, tetapi ia lambat laun akan membunuh mangsanya. Barah merupakan salah satu dari punca utama kematian manusia.

Pertumbuhan Sel Yang Normal

Di dalam tubuh manusia terdapat berbagai jenis tisu seperti
kulit, paru-paru, hati, limpa dan yang lain. Tisu-tisu tersebut terbina dari berjuta-juta sel yang teratur dan terkawal, dengan setiap tisu mempunyai struktur sel yang tersendiri. Rupa bentuk setiap sel berbeza dari satu organ ke satu organ yang lain.

Sel-sel ini akan mati dan diganti melalui proses pembahagian sel. Proses ini dikawal begitu rapi dan merupakan proses biasa yang berlaku secara semulajadi. Bilangan sel yang diganti adalah sama jumlahnya dengan sel yang telah mati. Jika berlaku luka, penghasilan sel akan meningkat sehingga luka itu sembuh dan pembahagian sel menjadi kembali seperti biasa selepas itu.



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